New Construction and Upgrades

Here is a general outline of the new construction and upgrade process, broken down step by step. Please note that this is just an outline, and there might be additional steps involved, depending on your unique circumstances. As the process can be lengthy, please contact us a minimum of 12 weeks before power is needed.

Curious about roughly what new residential construction would cost?

In order to initiate this process, please contact our Engineering Department:

Title Phone Number Email Address
KayCee Bennett Engineering & Operations Coordinator (435) 722-5446
Abby Richens Engineering & Operations Assistant (435) 722-5487

Step-by-Step Breakdown

  • Members of Moon Lake Electric Association with current electric service do not need to resubmit a membership application.
  • If you are not currently a member, or if you don't currently have services, you can fill our the membership application here:
  • Building permits are not required to start a work order. However, they will be required before construction can begin, so we recommend obtaining these permits as early as possible.
  • Work order will be assigned to an Engineering Services Technician.
  • In order to determine materials necessary, the Engineering Services Technician will schedule a visit with the applicant at the site.
  • At the site visit, the Engineering Services Technician will also determine if it is necessary to obtain rights-of-way.
  • If we must cross property owned by another party to construct the new lines, we will need to obtain an easment from that person.
  • If easments are required, contracts cannot be written and construction cannot begin until an agreement can be reached between Moon Lake Electric and the owner of the property.
  • Once Right-of-Way has been cleared, the Engineering Services Technician will provide a final cost estimate for the work order.
  • At their discretion, the Engineering Services Technician may provide an informal estimate at any point in this process. However, any estimate provided prior to this point is not binding.
  • Contract will be developed based of the final cost estimate.
  • Contract is valid for 60 days. If construction has not begun within that time frame, a new estimate will be needed.
  • Any necessary County/City building or electrical permits must be provided to Moon Lake Electric at this time.
  • Payment must be received in full prior to construction beginning.