You have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Use utility services safely and pay for them promptly
  • Contact Moon Lake about payment, service, safety, billing, or other customer service problems
  • Notify Moon Lake about meter reading, billing, or other errors
  • Contact Moon Lake when you anticipate a payment problem to attempt to develop a payment plan
  • Notify Moon Lake when you are moving to another residence
  • Notify Moon Lake about stopping service in your name or about stopping service altogether
  • Permit access for meter readers and other essential cooperative personnel and equipment
Two Sides of A Coin Front

"Rights and responsibilities are two sides of the same coin"

Two Sides of A Coin Front

Moon Lake Electric Association will:

  • Provide service if you are a qualified applicant
  • Offer you at least one 12-month deferred payment plan if you have a financial emergency
  • Let you pay a security deposit in 3 installments, if one is required
  • Follow strict procedures, including giving you a 10-day postmarked notice before service is shut off
  • Offer winter shut-off protection of utility service to qualifying residences
  • Advise you of any available assistance in paying your bill
  • Continue service for a reasonable time if you provide a physician's statement that a medical emergency exists in your home
  • Give you written information about Commission rules and your rights and responsibilities as a customer under those rules
  • Allow you an opportunity for a hearing when other attempts at resolving a dispute have failed

Service Rules:

The Utah Public Service Commission has established the rules about member-consumer/cooperative relationships. These rules cover payment of bills, late charges, security deposits, handling complaints, service shut-offs, and other matters. These rules assure consumers of certain rights and outline consumer responsibilities.

If you have a problem, call us at Moon Lake first. If you cannot resolve the problem, call the Utah State Division of Public Utilities in Salt Lake City at (801)-530-6652, and toll-free statewide at (800)-874-0904.