What is a Cooperative?

What is an electric cooperative and how is it different from an electric company?

A cooperative is defined as “an organization which is owned and run jointly by its members.” When Moon Lake started in 1938, it was created by local residents and farmers, who then became the first Board of Directors. Our community roots and member focus has not changed since the day we started.

There are several key differences between a cooperative (co-op) and an electric company. These include:

  • MLEA is not for profit
  • Every person who receives power is considered a member and “owner” of the co-op
  • The board of directors that governs MLEA is voted upon and decided by members
  • Electric rates cover the cost of doing business and are not marked up

Early Moon Lake Board of Directors

What are the benefits of being a member of a cooperative?

Capital Credits

Excess revenue (or profit) is issued back to membership in the form of capital credits.

Below-Average Rates

We keep rates as low as possible and only have rate changes when absolutely necessary.

Member Control

Members vote on Board of Directors and other important decisions.

Community Support

Our community, is your community. We take pride in supporting local charities, sports, and education.

“As a cooperative, we are committed to being transparent with our members and listening to their needs.”

– Yankton Johnson
CEO/General Manager

How can you be involved as a member?

Each year, we hold an Annual Meeting that is open to all members. During this event, we provide a complimentary lunch or dinner, and sometimes have games and prizes. The meeting is then followed by a business discussion that covers MLEA's financials, future plans, and the results of board elections. The annual meeting is typically scheduled for the last Thursday in May. Information about Annual Meeting will be posted on our Facebook and website prior to the event. This is an excellent opportunity for members to become informed and engage with their local co-op leaders.

Occasionally, MLEA hosts a District BBQ in one of the districts within our service territory. This is an excellent chance for members to meet MLEA employees and enjoy delicious food. Members in the district area will be informed of the upcoming event via mail. To find out which district you belong to and to view the associated board member, please visit our Board of Directors page under the "About Us" section.

Each district within our co-op selects a board of director to represent the members in that specific area. Any member is eligible to be nominated for a board of director position when an incumbent director is up for re-election. A 3-year term is served by each board of director, with the possibility of being elected for a maximum of 4 terms. The election results are disclosed during the business segment of our Annual Meeting. For more information about your board of directors, and to see who represents your district, please see our board page.

We post updates on events, outages, and other information on our Facebook page. Simply look up Moon Lake Electric Association on Facebook and give us a Follow/Like!

If you need assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our service representatives are available Monday-Thursday from 7 AM to 5:30 PM and can be reached at 435-722-5400. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.