Tree Removal & Replacement Program

Moon Lake Electric's Tree Replacement Program is designed to improve service reliability and reduce safety hazards by removing large trees that are interfering with high voltage distribution lines. Trees growing into these lines increases the likelihood of electrocution, fire, and electrical outages.

Should trees pose a risk to our power lines, they will be removed at the cooperative's expense. The member will then be eligible for a reimbursement of $75 per tree not to exceed six treees with tree(s) whose height will not exceed 15 feet at full growth.

If you have questions or would like to schedule trees for removal, please call (435) 722-5400.

Tree Planting Tips

To reduce the need for tree pruning or removal, be sure you choose an appropriate tree for the space.
Some things to keep in mind as you're planting:

  • Low-growing trees (under 25 feet when mature) may be planted adjacent to overhead power lines.

  • Plant tall-growing trees (over 25 feet when mature) at least 25 feet away from overhead power lines.

  • Trees that grow taller than 35 feet when mature should be planted 50 feet away from overhead lines.

  • Plant trees and shrubs at least 10 feet away from ground mounted transformers.

  • Contact Blue Stakes or the Utility Notification Center of Colorado to locate underground utilities before you dig.