Applying For Service

Congratulations! By purchasing electricity from Moon Lake Electric Association, you have become much more than a power consumer... you are a member owner!
As a rural electric cooperative, Moon Lake Electric is not owned by investors. It is owned by each and every one of the people who purchase power from it. Simply put, it's your business.
To apply, please fill out a membership application and return it to us.

New Service

A $225 deposit will be required from any new residential consumer on Moon Lake’s system or from a current or former customer connecting who has had an unsatisfactory payment record. A credit report can be checked internally through Moon Lake’s credit agency and a favoriable credit report will be accepted in lieu of a deposit.

Transferring or Dissconnecting Service

Please give Moon Lake at least 3 days notice for any service transfers or disconnections. Click on the links below to view additional fees and/or requirements.

Transfer of Service

When transferring power to a new location, a consumer will be required to have all electric bills brought current before a new location will be set up. You should advise Moon Lake 3 days in advance of when you want the power transferred. There will be a $10 transfer fee for residential transfers. Any consumer who insists on a connection after regular office hours or on weekends will be charged a trip fee of $100 to cover the cost of making the connection trip.

Disconnecting Service

When requesting a disconnection of service, you should advise Moon Lake at least 3 days in advance of the day you want service disconnected. Moon Lake will disconnect service within 4 working days of the requested disconnect date. You will not be liable for any services rendered to or at such address or location after the expiration of the 4 days, unless access to the meter has been delayed by the consumer. Disconnects will only be done during regular office hours.

New Line Construction

There are several requirements that must be met before electric lines can be brought into a new area. If you need new line construction for power, review the following requirements and give us a call. They are the following:

Building Permit

County ordinance requires that you have a valid building permit before we are allowed to provide you with electrical service. This means that you are required to have service equipment inspected by a City or County Building Inspector before Moon Lake Electric can energize a new service.

Service Equipment

It is your responsibility to provide service equipment that meets or exceeds national, state, and local codes. To help with this, we have prepared specifications showing what you will need (the links are below). You must have the meter loop completely assembled and located at your site for a new service.